Friday, May 6, 2016

The First Blog is the Deepest

My introduction to the "lifestyle" was I suppose fairly ordinary in a very extraordinary  way.   I had been in a terrible marriage where I had neither control nor affection and after many years, I escaped and moved out of state where I met and became friends with My hairdresser.  We started talking about "stuff" back and forth and after some time, she told Me that she was a slave for her Husband...  How interesting I thought... I needed to go on a quest to find out what all that was all about, being naturally curious and all *S*

After knowing her a while *but not too terribly much longer* I started getting invites to dinner and evenings.  Well we played a little, nothing went too far a whole lot of suggestive conversation maybe kisses and gropes.  One day.. The Husband came into My office and informed Me that it was going to be his wife's birthday soon and she had mentioned to Him that what she wanted for her birthday was for Him to ask Me to come and help teach her how to submit.  Who was I to deny a friends birthday wishes.

When I arrived, she was making dinner we drank some wine smoked some weed ate talked and relaxed.  I don't really remember exactly how it started, but it came down to she was whimpering and trying to get outta being  punished by a riding crop.. I told her she was being silly and that I would teach her how a proper slave was to take punishment * I have no idea exactly what I was saying or doing but the next thing I knew I was bare assed up clenching on to the end of the coffee table just being beaten *it was magical* I was hooked... It was the most erotic thing ever.

Well this naughtiness went on of over the course of several months.. We got up to ALL kinds of really outlandish fun.. Sadly.. I ended up with a giant promotion at work and had to move.. It was only an hour away but as all good things have their time.. the time had come for that  delicious relationship to just fade into a wonderful memory.  I had become a submissive!!!

Well... That was enough to make Me know for sure that I was done with the "usual" fucky sucky usual sexy time... I needed more.. So.. being in a small town in a really visible job, I did what everyone else on the planet does... I went on line.. * Treasure trove* I met all KINDS of different people from ALL over the world.   Well what was astounding to Me... was that All the "Doms" I met.. none of them really "got" it.. there was always something missing .. there were those who thought a 46 minute spanking without any imagination was where it was.. For those of you who think it does.. it doesn't, but that's a different topic for a different day.

Well what can a girl to do??  Do it Herself that's what.  I decided that it was My civic duty to educate  "doms" in the proper training to be a real Dom.  Well that idea kinda snowballed and It ended up with Me quitting My job and going to live in Europe for a few months just to abuse a man slave * I kinda HAD to go do that*

That was 17 years ago now that I have been back from Europe I switched from sub to Domme out of sheer necessity and now I am wonderful with being what I truly am.  I have tried to switch back.. I have even tried to play switch.. Epic fail!!!  I am a Domme thru and thru and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

More soon...

Best switches


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