Wednesday, November 4, 2020


I witnessed heaven – once

It arrived unannounced, dressed in opal green dungarees,

shaggy hair, and, breasts a little larger than I like

Maybe that's why I didn't recognize it at first,

perfection had always been a part of the definition

That, and, the fact she was with someone else

Morrison sang. She danced like a duck.

It was love at first sight. Or, shorty thereafter

But, it was love

True love


Summer passed with warm days and heated nights

Just not with each other, yet. It happened though,

eventually. The beach packed with almost beauties

and their friends that actually thought they were

No music this time. Volleyball. And, she flowed with

grace, fluidity beyond my stumble bumble, is she hurt, style

That night, everything came at once. Close to perfect

Yes, it was love

True love


I witnessed heaven -- once

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