Posting Videos


For day to day monitoring and control of your room you can go to the mod panel by browsing to   Enter your owner or mod username and password.

From here you can turn on a youtube player in your room and post songs to it.

You have two drop downs.  One offers you a list of actions and the other a list of people.

TOGGLE_VIDEO:  Toggles the video window on and off for all users, as an inlay on the top right-hand corner. Toggling the video window for a specific user is not implemented yet. Additionally, TOGGLE_VIDEO has no effect for a user who has disabled video playback if they have the “Video Off” checkbox ticked. 

PLAY_VIDEO:  Used together with the text entry field “Other Message (YouTube):” to play a YouTube video to all users.  Use TOGGLE_VIDEO first to ensure that the video window is first visible on user screens before playing a video. To play a video paste the link to a YouTube video or playlist into the text box labeled “Other Message (youtube):”.  Then click on the button that says “Act on User”.  Make sure All users are selected.  This will play the video for all users in the room.  The youtube video links must be in one of these two formats: 

o To play a single video the url will look like

o To play a playlist the url will look like list=SomeID.  

For some browsers sending a video for the first-time results in the video just being displayed to the user, that she or he has to click to play. Sending subsequent videos results in auto playback. While video playback should work on most modern (non-esoteric) platforms, some browsers, such as Chrome do not immediately display the video to be played. To mitigate this, try the following steps:

o If the user mentions the video window is visible but not showing the desired video, request the user to reload the page once or more. This should cause the user to signoff and sign back into the room but would display the correct playback video

o If the problem persists, it might be necessary to toggle the video for all users using TOGGLE_VIDEO, and then subsequently requesting the user to reload the page, and/or enabling and disabling the “Video Off” checkbox. 

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